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Legend vision Electro-Mechanical in low voltage including fire alarm, smoke ventilation, emergency lighting systems, lighting controls, 0020Dimming systems, integrated building management systems.

About Our Company

Legend vision Electro Mechanical in low voltage including fire alarm, smoke ventilation, emergency lighting systems, lighting controls, 0020Dimming systems, integrated building management systems. We offer full service to our customers from consulting, design, installation and commissioning as well as servicing those systems. We have grown with the aim of providing integrated solutions for building automation, fire safety and security systems.

What We Provide

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm System is designed to alert us to an emergency so that we can take action to protect ourselves, staff and the general public. Fire alarms are found in Offices, Factories, and public buildings, they are a part of our everybody routine.

Exit Lights General

Emergency Lighting Systems is an essential Service that is quite often forgotten, until an accident or catastrophe happens in the event the power fails in your building, your emergency and exit lights must remain lit for at least 90 minute.

Battery System

All Life safety systems require a good quality standby battery supply. Whether it’s a fire panel, power supply, disabled refuge controller or even a third-party piece of equipment, our range of VRLA batteries is able to provide the backup power you need.

 Our Services

1. Expert & Professional Engineers.

Renowned For Excellence, Quality , Performance And Reliability In Electromechanical Works

For years, we have been helping companies set up their electrical equipment. We assume full responsibility for taking delivery of the stock and installing everything according to the original design - not even a wire will be of the wrong diameter or a screw out of place.

Why Choose Us


The entire unit of ours is backed with the complete solution.


To provide the complete solution and services.It is our hard work.


Our services are well-timed & implemented.


We provide integrated solutions that customers need.

Soultion For Services

2. Fully Satisfaction Guarantee.

3. Convenient Appointment Times.

4. Licensed and Insured.

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